Auf der Seite möcht ich dann mal alle die Bands nennen, deren Musik mich inspiriert und erinnert, wofür Gott uns unser Gehör geschenkt hat ... falls sich überhaupt jemand dafür interessiert ^^
(Bei mir hat sich ein totalitäres, alphabetisches System durchgesetzt, d.h. Nachnamen stehen bei Solokünstlern zuerst und "The" hinnedran)

7 Seconds of Love ("Winners")

Arcade Fire ("Neighbourhood")

Audioslave ("Be yourself")

BAiT ("And you Dream", "Liquify")

Banks, Tony ("Spring Tide")

Beatles, The

Benny Janson ("Save the World")

Chiefs of Nothing

Dream Theater ("This dying Soul")

Gabriel, Peter ("Sledgehammer")

Genesis (Im Prinzip alles von 1970-74, besonders "Carpet Crawl", "In the Cage", "Selling England by the Pound", "Firth of Fifth", Suppers Ready")

Glass, Phillip ("Aknathen")

Green, Adam ("Nat King Cole")

Guerin, Shaun ("Juliet", "A Queen's Tale")

Hackett, Steve ("Circus of Becoming, "Ace of Wand")

Helloween ("Ride the Sky")

In Flames ("Clayman")

Jefferson Starship ("Light the sky on fire", "Ride the Tiger")

Jeremy Days, The ("Give it a name")

Jethro Tull ("Thick as a Brick")

Joel, Billy ("All for Leyna")

K2 ("Book of the Dead")

Morse, Neal ("Outside lookin in", "Sweet Elation", "Solid as the Sun")

Oldfield, Mike ("Tubular Bells")

Opeth ("Ghost Reveries")

Pants, Andrew (Songs to wear Pants to)

Primus ("Greet the Sacred Cow")

Queens of the Stoneage ("Someone's the Wolf")

Return to Forever

Saga ("Don't be late", "Carefull where you step")

Spock's Beard ("The Doorway", "Beware of Darkness", "Revelation", "At the End of the Day")

Styx ("Lady")

Subway to Sally ("Kain", "Sag dem Teufel")

Thal, Ron ("Bumblefoot")


Transatlantic ("All of the above", "We all need some light", "My new World")

U2 ("Sunday, bloody Sunday")

Vader ("The code" ... lustig ^^)

Wildecker Herzbuben ("Herzilein")

Zappa, Frank ("Titties and Beer", "Peaches from Regalia", "Tintsel town Rebellion")

(...wird fortgesetzt)

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